Proceedings of the 21st Annual UCLA Indo European Conference

October 30th and 31st, 2009
2010. 17x24cm, stitch bound, brochure; 246 pages.
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The Program in Indo-European Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, sponsors an Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. The Conference, held on campus every fall, welcomes participation by linguists, philologists, and others engaged in all aspects of Indo-European studies.


Content: Kurzfassung

Brian Agbayani and Chris Golston: Phonological Movement in Greek and Latin;

Václav Blažek: On ‘horse’ in Slavic;

Chiara Bozzone: New Perspectives on Formularity;

Andrew Miles Byrd: Motivating Sievers’ Law;

José L. García Ramón: Reconstructing IE Lexicon and Phraseology: Inherited Patterns and Lexical Renewal;

Adam Hyllested: The Precursors of Celtic and Germanic;

Vyacheslav V. Ivanov: Distributive Numerals in Tocharian B and Balto-Slavic;

Paul Kiparsky: Compositional vs. Paradigmatic Approaches to Accent and Ablaut;

Melanie Malzahn: All Indo-European Compounds Are Derived from a Common Origin: New Evidence for a Darwinian View of IE Nominal Compounding;

Alexander Nikolaev: Time to Gather Stones Together: Greek la:as and Its Indo-European Background

Birgit Anette Olsen: Martinet’s Rule of Laryngeal Hardening: A Reappraisal;

Jens Elmegård Rasmussen: Some Debated Hittite Verbs: Marginalia to Recent Scholarship;

Kazuhiko Yoshida: 1st Singular Iterated Mediopassive Endings in Anatolian