Proceedings of the 23rd Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

October 28th and 29th, 2011
2012. 17 x 24 cm, stitch bound, brochure, ??? pages
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Brian Agbayani and Chris Golston: Clitic Order in Hittite

Václav Blažek: Hittite wakšur

Chundra Cathcart: Vedic Labial Dissimilation Revisited

Adam Catt: The Particle *h2(é)u in Vedic and Beyond: A New Proposal on Its Function and Etymology

Steven Faulkner, Jr.: On “Wheeler’s Law Generalization” and the Accentuation of Greek Verbal Governing Compounds in *-o-

Adam Hyllested: Albanian hundë ‘nose’ and Faroese, SW Norwegian skon ‘snout’

John J. Lowe: Caland Adjectives and Participles in the Ṛgveda: The Case of -āna-

Benedicte Nielsen Whitehead: Stem Composition: The Morphosyntax of Determinative Compounds and Bahuvrīhis

Birgit Anette Olsen: Contributions to Armenian Etymology

Andrew Paczkowski: Investigating Vedic íd

Matthias Passer: Diffugere niues …: Frame Semantics Supporting the Information-Structural Analysis of Historical Texts

Michael Weiss: Italo-Celtica: Linguistic and Cultural Points of Contact between Italic and Celtic

Mark Wenthe: On the Syntax of Rigvedic Accusative Enclitic Pronouns

Sabine Ziegler: “Blood and Thunder” in Celtic, Hittite, and Sanskrit Law