Proceedings of the 26th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

October 24th and 25th, 2014
2015. 17x24 cm, 188 pages, stitch bound, brochure
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Content: Kurzfassung

Gašper Beguš: The Phonetics of the Independent Svarita in Vedic;

Benjamin W. Fortson IV: Latin audēre and Related Forms;

Cristina Guardiano: Definite Articles in Ancient Greek;

Ivo Hajnal and Katharina Zipser: Phonological Movement in Luwian. The Case of the Hieroglyphic Luwian Verbal Endings in –si;

Adam Hyllested: Proto-Indo-European Reconstruction and Albanian Phonotactics;

Joshua T. Katz: Initiatory Marrow: A New Interpretation of Gylfaginning 44;

Claire Le Feuvre: Grains Not Famous and Traces of Indo-European Phraseology in East Slavic;

Robin Meyer: Morphosyntactic Alignment, Pattern Replication, and the Classical Armenian Periphrastic Perfect;

Toru Minamimoto: The Infinitive -διδουμεν ‘to give’ and the “Aeolic” Inflection in Thessalian Greek;

Ryan Sandell: Obligatory Contour Principle Effects in Indo-European Phonology. Statistical Evidence and the Morphology-Phonology Interface;

Anthony D. Yates: Left But Not Leftmost? Interactions between Epenthesis and Ictus Assignment in Anatolian.