Proceedings of the 29th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

November 3rd and 4th, 2017
2018. 17x24 cm, 292 pages, stitch bound
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Brent Vine and H. Craig Melchert: Remembrance: Vyacheslav Ivanov

Stephanie W. Jamison: Remembrance: Hanns-Peter Schmidt

Phillip Barnett and Andrew Miles Byrd: A Markedly Different Approach. An Experimental Look at the Rarity of PIE */b/

Joseph F. Eska: Celto-Germanic Lexis in Light of Laryngeal Realism

Benjamin W. Fortson IV: -σον-of-a-Gun. The Greek 2sg. s-aorist Active Imperative

Riccardo Ginevra: Old Norse Sígyn (*sei̯ku̯-n̥-i̯éh2- ‘she of the pouring’), Vedic °sécanī- ‘pouring’, Celtic Sēquana, and PIE *sei̯ku̯- ‘pour’

Petra Goedgebuure: The Packagers -ant- and -a-, and the Origin of Split Ergativity in Hittite (and Lycian)

Ryan Hearn: Mixed Headedness in Tocharian and Its Implications for PIE Reconstruction

Stefan Höfler: A Look over Lat. umerus ‘shoulder’

Laura Massetti: Another Avatar of Mātariśvan? On the Hesychian Gloss Ἴθας, Ἴθαξ (ι 387 L)

Thomas Motter: The Structure of Relative Clauses in Early Germanic

Thomas Olander: Connecting the Dots. The Indo-European Family Tree as a Heuristic Device

Teigo Onishi: Latin hībernus and the Development of *(-)mr- in Latin

Daniel Petit: Accentual Mobility in Lithuanian and Its Implications for Proto-Indo-European

Julia Sturm: Prothetic h- Before Word-Initial *u- in Greek

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