Emil Sieg: Tocharologica

2014, 17x24 cm, 294 Seiten, stitch bound, cloth-binding
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Reihe: Monographien zur Indischen Archäologie, Kunst und Philologie, Band 22

After the publication of Emil Sieg’s Kleine Schriften by Klaus L. Janert in 1991, many specialists of Tocharian have regretted the absence of his publications on Tocharian studies. With this book, published with the support of the Ernst-Waldschmidt-Stiftung, the editors want to set an end to this unsatisfying situation.

All of Emil Sieg’s shorter publications about Tocharian are included in this carefully prepared reprint volume, among others the authoritative text translations Übersetzungen I and II, his important articles on the Karmavibhaṅga and the medical texts from Paris, and his contributions to the name of the Tocharian A language. Also articles co-authored with Wilhelm Siegling or F.W.K. Müller have been included, for example the foundational contributions on the decipherment of Tocharian and the identification of the Tocharian A Maitreyasamiti-Nāṭaka with the Old Turkic Maitrisimit. The articles are preceded by an introduction on Sieg’s life and work. An appendix containing a concordance of translations, indices and corrigenda completes the volume.