Indic across the Millennia: from the Rigveda to Modern Indo-Aryan

14th World Sanskrit Conference Kyoto, Japan
2012. 17x24cm, 258 Seiten, Hardcover
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On September 1st-5th, 2009, the 14th Sanskrit Conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. The co-editors of this volume collected fifteen papers of the linguistic sections together with one paper of the Veda section in these proceedings.

Various stages of Indic, from the Veda to Modern Indo-Aryan are covered, as well as such often overlooked languages of particular groups as Parsi Sanskrit and Buddhist Sanskrit. Thematically, too, the topics are diverse, encompassing phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, poetics, etymology, and computational linguistics.



Hassan Rezai Baghbidi: Parsi Sanskrit  

Eystein Dahl: Evidence for Evidentiality in Late Vedic

Toshifumi Gotō: Grammatical Irregularities in the Rigveda, Book IV

Oliver Hellwig: Computational Processing of Sanskrit - Challenges and Perspectives

Hans Henrich Hock: Issues in Sanskrit Agreement

Jared S. Klein: Deictic Pronoun Repetition in the Rigveda

Masato Kobayashi: Information Structure and the Particles vái and evá in Vedic Prose

Boris Oguibénine: Metanalysis in Buddhist Sanskrit (Language of the Mahāsāṃghika-Lokottaravādins)

Georges-Jean Pinault: Aspects of Vedic Semantics and Etymology: vedhás- and védi-

Antonia Ruppel: The Development of the Genitive Absolute in Sanskrit

Ferenc Ruzsa: The Influence of Dravidian on Indo-Aryan Phonetics

Velizar Sadovski: Structure and Contents of Lists and Catalogues in Indo-Iranian Traditions of Oral Poetry (Speech and Performance in Veda and Avesta, II)

Yasuko Suzuki: Sanskrit Gemination as Lengthening: In Relation to Svarabhakti, Yama, and Middle Indo-Aryan Assimilation

Saartje Verbeke and Klaas Willems: Ergativity in Modern and Middle Indo-Aryan: A Critical Digest

Michael Witzel: Poetics and Pronunciation

Kazuhiko Yoshida: The Loss of Intervocalic Laryngeals in Sanskrit and its Historical Implications