UCLA Proceedings

Proceedings of the 22nd Annual UCLA Indo European Conference

UCLA, Proceedings November 5th and 6th 2010
2011. 17x24cm, stitch bound, brochure; 280 pages
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The Program in Indo-European Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, sponsors an Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. The Conference, held on campus every fall, welcomes participation by linguists, philologists, and others engaged in all aspects of Indo-European studies.

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Chundra Cathcart: »Ruki« in the Nuristani Languages: An Assessment;

Michael Ellsworth: The First Palatalization of Greek;

Randall Gordon: Verbal Arguments and the Verbal Noun in Old Irish;

Dieter Gunkel and Kevin Ryan: Hiatus voidance and Metrification in the Rigveda;

Gary Holland: Active and Passive in Hittite Infinitival Constructions;

Mattyas Huggard: On »Wh«-(Non)-Movement and Internal Structures of the Hittite Preposed Relative Clause;

Alexander Lubotsky: The Origin of Sanskrit Roots of the Type »s?v-« ‘to sew’, »d?v-« ‘to play dice’, with an Appendix on Vedic »i«-Perfects;

H. Craig Melchert: The PIE Verb for ‘to pour’ and Medial »*h3« in Anatolian;

Gregory Nagy: The Aeolic Component of Homeric Diction;

Kanehiro Nishimura: On the Chronology of Vowel Contraction in Latin

Marc Pierce: The Status of the Onset Principle in Early Germanic;

Ryan Platte: Pindaric Mythopoesis;

Ryan Sandell: The Morphophonology of Reduplicated Presents in Vedic and Indo-European;

Christopher Wilhelm: The »Aeneid« and Italian Prehistory