UCLA Proceedings

Proceedings of the 25th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

October 25th and 26th, 2013
2014. 17x24 cm, 292 pages, stitch bound, brochure
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Chundra Aroor Cathcart: Analogical Morphophonology and Iranian Words with Irregular f;

Adam Catt: The Derivational Histories of Avestan aēsma- ‘firewood’ and Vedic idhmá- ‘id.’;

Hannes A. Fellner. The Tocharian Adjectives in B -tse A -ts;

Alexander S. W. Forte and Caley Smith: Wheel Composition in Greek and Indic Poetry;

Laura Grestenberger. “Split Deponency” in Proto-Indo-European;

Jesse Lundquist: Rigvedic uṣar and the Indo-European Locatival *-er;

Gerhard Meiser: Rare Latin Words;

Alexander Nikolaev: Greek ἀμαυρός and Indo-European *meh2- ‘great, large’;

Philomen Probert: Relative Clauses, Indo-Hittite, and Standard Average European;

Tom Recht: The Prosody and Pragmatics of Verb Topicalization in Greek;

Ryan Sandell: Compensatory Lengthening in Vedic and the Outcomes of Proto-Indo-Iranian *[az] and *[až];

Hartmut Scharfe: Yama’s Path in the Ṛgveda and the Avesta;

Elizabeth Thornton: Indo-Iranian Comparative Poetics and the Power Dynamics of Vasiṣṭha’s Hymn to Varuṇa, Rig Veda VII.86;

Anthony D. Yates: On the PIE “Quasi-Serial Verb” Construction: Origin and Development;

Sam Zukoff: On the Origins of Attic Reduplication