UCLA Proceedings

Proceedings of the 28th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

November 11th and 12th, 2016
2018. 17x24 cm, 298 pages, stitch bound
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Karlene Jones-Bley and Martin E. Huld: Remembrance: Paula Powers Coe;

Francesco Burroni: PIE *k̑ erh1/3-, PIE *(s)ker-, and the Umbrian month name çersiā-;

Andrea Lorenzo Covini: On the Origin of Hitt. ašāš-/ašēš-ḫḫi ‘seat, settle’;

Margaret L. Eismeier: The Color of Blood: An Interpretation of the Hittite Ritual of Pāpanikri;

Hannes A. Fellner: Notes on Verbal Governing Compounds in Tocharian;

Riccardo Ginevra: Old Norse Brokkr, Sanskrit Bhr̥gu-, and PIE *(s)bʰr̥(h2)g- ‘crackle, roar’;

Ian Hollenbaugh: Synchronic and Diachronic Derivation of Greek n- and nt-stem Nominative Singular Formations;

Joshua T. Katz: Toward an Indo-European Commentary on Hesiod;

Paul Kiparsky: Accent and Ablaut: Emergent Cyclicity;

Jared S. Klein: Synchronic and Comparative Remarks on Relativization in the Rigveda;

Bernhard Koller: On the Internal Structure of the Tocharian A Comitative Suffix;

Tyler Lau: Applications of Computational Simulation to Morphological Class Change: A Case Study in Romance;

Melanie Malzahn: Indo-European and Indo-Europeanists: The First Two Hundred Years of Indogermanistik;

Donca Steriade: Quantitative Rhythm and Saussure’s Tribrach Law;

Julia Sturm: ἵστωρ and ἑορτή: The (Attic-Ionic) Rough-Breathing Reflex of Greek *u̯;

List of Contributors;

Index Verborum.