UCLA Proceedings

Proceedings of the 27th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference

October 23rd and 24th, 2015
2016, 17x24 cm, 272 pages, stitch bound
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Content: Kurzfassung

Chiara Bozzone: Weaving Songs for the Dead in Indo-European: Women Poets, Funerary Laments, and the Ecology of *k̑léu̯os;

Andrea Lorenzo Covini: PIE *g̑ ʰeh2- ‘to gape, open the mouth’;

José L. García Ramón: Hera and Hero: Reconstructing Lexicon and God-names;

Daniel Kölligan: PIE *h2ei̯d- ‘to reveal’ and its Descendants;

Martin Kümmel: Is Ancient Old and Modern New? Fallacies of Attestation and Reconstruction (with Special Focus on Indo-Iranian);

Jesse Lundquist: On the Accentuation of Compound s-Stem Adjectives in Greek and Vedic;

Laura Massetti: The Belly of an Indo-European: Some Greek and Iranian Cognates of PIE merg̑ - ‘to divide, cut’;

Teigo Onishi and Kanehiro Nishimura: Inseparable Etymologies: Latin crīnis, Greek κορέω, and Related Forms in Germanic;

Ryan Sandell: R̥ gvedic śáktīvant-: Accentuation and Statistical Modeling of Allomorph Selection in Vedic -mant/vant-stems;

Chelsea Sanker: Phonetic Features of the PIE “Laryngeals”: Evidence from Misperception Data of Modern Postvelars;

Matilde Serangeli: PIE *mel-: Some Anatolian and Greek Thoughts—Gk. μέλω, Hitt. mala-ḫḫi/malāi-mi, CLuv. mali(ya)-;

Elizabeth Tucker: Is It Time to Re-Evaluate the Contribution Which the Atharvaveda Can Make to Indo-Iranian and Indo-European Historical Linguistics?;

Seán D. Vrieland: Old Norse Genitive Singular -ar in Thematic Nouns;

Anthony D. Yates: Hittite Stressed Vowel Lengthening and the Phonology-Orthography Interface