Tocharian Texts in Context

International Conference on Tocharian Manuscripts and Silk Road Culture

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In June 2013, Tocharian Texts in Context, the first international conference on Tocharian manuscripts and Silk Road culture, was held at the University of Vienna. Studying the two Tocharian languages and their historical and cultural background is impossible in isolation; cooperation with neighbouring disciplines is absolutely necessary. Tocharian Texts in Context for the first time brought together experts from these various fields.

This volume is a collection of twenty-three papers that have originated from this conference. The topics of the contributions range from Tocharian philology and linguistics to studies on Sanskrit, Old Uyghur, Middle Iranian, historical and archaeological research on the region where Tocharian was spoken, and the history of Silk Road Studies. This broad scope makes the book indispensable for anyone studying Tocharian and its cultural context.