Zeitschrift für Indologie und Südasienstudien, Band 37 (2020)

2020, 17 x 24 cm, 204 Seiten, Broschur

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Inhalt: UTE HÜSKEN: Frauen als Priesterinnen im „Sanskrit-Hinduismus“ – eine Tradition im Wandel? JUSTYNA KUROWSKA: Feeding on Abjects: ‘Symbolic’ Cooking and Consuming of Dead Bodies in the Modern Hindi Novel FABIO MANGRAVITI: “If You Cheat on Someone You Will Get Pleasure”: The Oblique Reception of Kabir’s Teachings in Harishankar Parsai’s Hindi Satirical Short Stories HEIDI PAUWELS: Reviewing the Idea of Debate within the Intellectual History of South Asia: Early Modern Vernacular Inter- and Intra-Religious Dialogues STEFANO PELLÒ: A Persian Hymn to Vārāṇasī: Preliminary Notes on the Poetics of “Idolatry” in Matan Lāl Āfarīn’s Kāshī istūt (1778-9) ARNAB SAHA: Self, Conjugality and Sexual Discourse in Late-19th Century Bengal WALTER SLAJE: Vasiṣṭha the Void: Inquiries into the Authorship of the Mokṣopāya